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The law firm provides legal advice via Internet in the context of family law and deals in detail with these issues: separation arbitration and agreed changes in the requirements of separation and divorce, problems arising from the separation, divorce or judicial common request, recourse to the judicial decision to divorce, implementations of the verdicts of divorce, assignment of the minor in the event of separation, divorce and domestic partnerships, commissioning rule of natural offspring, call for sanctions to judicial authorities responsible for the protection, general assistance in family law.

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drug offences, criminal solicitor Leeds

drug offences, criminal solicitor Leeds

The institute legislation by which the partners agree to wish to be separated by mutual consent is just called "consensus" of course, consent is related to all the issues that arise as the support of the spouse more debilitated, the rights relating to assets, livelihood offspring, the allocation of housing, etc.).


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drug offences, criminal solicitor Sheffield

Judicial separation ensures that you can also ask again the separation charge: if it is possible to determine which one of the two parties constraints arising from the union marriage (cohabitation, respect, dedication to the children, etc.), and that just one of these reasons has been the motive for the conclusion of the relationship between the two spouses, the responsible party for such failures no longer has the right to the grant of livelihood and most of the rights of succession.


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Recording verdicts of divorce in European Union countries. According to EC Regulation 2201/2003 the admission of the resolutions adopted in the European Union countries of divorce, separation by mutual consent, invalidation of the marriage union, approval and automatic actuation of the decisions concerning the right to visit the minor children, decisions relating to burden of the parents (including measures to protect the child, regardless of any connection with a marriage resolution) is automatic.


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This regulation was adopted after the decision to use the enhanced cooperation procedure. This means that the new text is valid only for the States that have expressly adhered (14 of 27), which in detail are: Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Latvia. Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Austria, Portugal, Romania and Slovenia.


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The law expanded the duty of parents to take care of the offspring beyond the age of majority and as long as they are not financially independent or have not, according to the latest decisions, achieve their goals. Moreover, it has been argued that the subsistence shall be proportionate to the standard of living of their parents.

The Court has also stated that the parent who lives with the child is not economically self-sufficient is possible to acquire "iure proprio" and not "understand filiorum", not only the repayment of the amount advanced by him in the form of contributions due to the other parent, but also to claim this amount for the support of future offspring itself.


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Our attorneys have all the skills essential to protect customers with complicated financial conditions and multiple sources of income. The child can then claim the fulfilment of obligations of the parent, and the details of the support. The articles of the Civil Code governing this issue are the 147 (burden to their children), the 148 (competition obligations).

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The office of the rota in THE UK, also in his capacity as a lawyer authorized to support in Roman judicial office provides legal advice in the following areas: religious procedures of double disability, especially the first acceptance and professional assistance on whether or not starting a ground of invalidity of marriage, the professional advice in the management of the case, the assistance to the court of first instance before the related appeals court and, if necessary, before the Tribunal of the Roman Rota.

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