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The law firm (London) consists of specialists who, for the most part are interested in Labour law in the various energy used (personnel management, insolvency procedures, corporate directors, corporate changes, exclusive industrial relations with trade unions, contract rules, safety and accidents at work).

-Rape Murder
-Credit Card Fraud
-Sexual Assault
-Phishing Scams
-drug smuggling, lawyers
-Carding Fraud
-Online Harassment
-Identity Theft
-Money Laundering
-child pornography, solicitors
-Marijuana law, lawyer


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-criminal defence
-Bribery Crimes
-drug smuggling, lawyers
-Identity Theft
-criminal litigation

The firm is continually used, hereinafter referred to as telephone contact, email or explanatory interview, to make judgments than the costs of the activities of legal assistance, online support and representation provided with respect to the likely needs and to identify the reasons set out in the economic costs of the relationship / benefits.


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-drug trafficking, lawyer
-Drug Manufacturing, legal aid
-drug dealing, solicitor

Specifically, the Firm "London" gives administrative support and legal assistance in procurement and authorization works and government services, acts involving public companies, processes of privatization, procurement of supplies, services, local government and business municipal public facilities investment, urban and regional planning, cultural and environmental heritage.


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The firm turned to financial transactions in London has three lawyers and one banking lawyer statements, provides legal assistance and protection of banks and financial intermediaries in disputes highlighted by customers or otherwise in the area of financial law, we also have 14 assistants specialists in London-Italy.

The law firm for many years assists banks and financial intermediaries in the judicial debates which adhered to exercise of the TUB and the CFA, different positive results have been achieved in the objection proceedings with interest the reasons supported by savers and investors in financial products expressed by different companies.


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Specialists lawyers in the financial bank district can provide advances around the rational probability of a positive result of conflict and to suggest to the right to behave. The law firm also has lawyers in alliance, can also assist the client during the negotiation, with the aim to achieve quick results, avoiding long and expensive process, our performance:

-Expertise and tax legal support regarding the aspects of tax accounting, assessment in the areas of taxation regarding the preparation of the budget and adjust to the establishment of companies, reporting regular tax, tax returns, representation in tax commissions, support on tax audits, support for the declarations of succession and Invin.


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The Law Firm is expert in corporate law prepared by lawyers involved in London-Rome", a lawyer specializing in this area will give support and information in judicial matters and of court in the different areas of law and bureaucratic negative for both businesses or individuals. Among the clients of the law firm has made rapid Italian and multinational companies, which employ money and inspect in the environmental sector, government and private entities.

Are the fundamental legal aid and the skill type and court, in which the Firm faith without question, as a solid tool for quick and concrete justice.


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The law introduced the principles of both parents, joint custody of and sharing, became effective in March 2006 and has revised some articles of the Civil Code that has included other and substantially renovated discipline essential in terms of separation and divorce.

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-Internet Extortion
-Credit Card Cloning
-Bribery Crimes
-Drug Manufacturing, legal aid

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Contact us in case of detention or criminal or civil problems. The law firm in London, New York, La Vegas, Rome, Naples, Milan, Italy, Germany, Spain, France and has over 15 foreign branches, is directed towards criminal and international law, a format for criminal lawyers mainly deals with the defense of people accused of crimes penalties such as drug trafficking, financial and economic crimes, white-collar crimes, murder, violence, rape and any type of crime. Contact us now for effective criminal defense.

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