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The firm operates in different areas of art, cinema, publishing, record companies and commercial (local and entertainment and public entertainment), weighted with experience in the area of literary works, phonographic and cinematographic and audiovisual works (taking care of the events in phase of execution, affirmation, description, and location), the granting of the exploitation rights (editorial and/or record), authorization of the right timing, advertising, management contracts, sponsorship contracts, artistic advice, fashion, design protection, protection of the name and image, slander in the press and through the Internet, etc.. finding a resolution and then changing regularly the various issues subject to the legislation in effect and addresses the most recent case law and doctrine.

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The skills gained from the law firm in Italy and all foreign finds, however, that the explanation of the issues addressed continuously exceed the narrow fields of a specified area of law. The firm, therefore, in order to support highly competent answers, but at the same time in a row with the consequences that arise from the questions repeatedly treated, has a strong disposition for multi-disciplinary diligently to resolve the questions raised in the case that may be attached other branches of law (e.g., Civil Law, Commercial, Community, Work, etc..).

The law firm located in london protects constantly with commitment and professionalism its domestic and overseas clients in disputes in general corporate law, providing legal advice on all the points of view of the life of a business.


Provides information and opinions essential for the creation and planning of new business, drafting of shareholders agreements s support in the implementation of corporate implementation, the establishment of subsidiaries, branches and representative offices, holding companies and tightness corporate books and also support in corporate disputes including those relating to directors liability.

Criminal lawyer spain

The firm supports his experience and professionalism in the area of mergers and acquisitions, including strategic alliances, joint ventures, spin-offs of companies and transfer of shares, assets and transfers of businesses or business units.

Also has high skills and experience in the operations of venture capital and/or private equity in any shape or form (seed financing, early stage financing or bridge financing, replacement capital, management buy-outs or management buy-in, etc.)..

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Contact us in case of detention or criminal or civil problems. The law firm in London, New York, La Vegas, Rome, Naples, Milan, Italy, Germany, Spain, France and has over 15 foreign branches, is directed towards criminal and international law, a format for criminal lawyers mainly deals with the defense of people accused of crimes penalties such as drug trafficking, financial and economic crimes, white-collar crimes, murder, violence, rape and any type of crime. Contact us now for effective criminal defense.

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