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"The non-persecution in some members of the Union of only relatively assailable assumptions (the Netherlands, significantly) in certain circumstances is possible because of and based on a principle of opportunity that governs its criminal process and the way it operates.

-Internet Extortion

Prosecutor s Office The behaviors that take place in a coffee shop are regulated in art. 11 of the Dutch Opium Law in severe conditions (whose failure results in imprisonment). The art. 2, paragraph 2 of the Framework Decision, served the Netherlands to prevent the rectification of its drug policy (maximum production of 5 cannabis plants for personal use, or possession of 5 g cannabis) that has even allowed the opening of a club cannabis social regulation with very strict regulation (vid. S. Court of Justice of the European Union of December 16, 2010, C-137/09 matter MMJ). The rules and instructions provided in the Opium Law must be respected.

-Sexual Abuse


The supply and production, are prosecutable in any case. In the last two years, more restrictive policies and regulations have been imposed. And the possession in those premises of an amount superior to 500 gr of marijuana is not possible.

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The necessary global approach that has been mentioned justifies echoing, even if only briefly, of some other tendencies in comparative law. The decriminalization of cannabis trade in some countries is not unknown. Uruguay is a very meaningful example. Its Law nº 19.972 regulates the production, distribution and sale of cannabis. It is tolerated for planting, cultivation and domestic harvest, among other purposes, for personal or shared consumption.

-Child Abuse

As such it means the cultivation of up to six plants and the product of the harvest up to a maximum of 480 grams. The planting, cultivation and harvesting of plants by membership clubs, which will operate under the control of the so-called Cannabis Regulation and Control Institute, is also legitimized. They must be authorized by the Executive Power according to the legislation and in the conditions defined by regulation.

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