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What is the difference between a divorce and the nullification of marriage?

The cancellation is provided when the union of marriage has never been legitimate since its inception, divorce is the dissolution of a marriage union already invalid.

What is the court with jurisdiction to declare the end of civil unions or religious? With regard to marriages in a civil ceremony or religious ritual different from the Catholic, is suitable for the Civil Court, while the marriages celebrated in the Church and played in the registers marital status, jurisdiction of the ecclesiastical court and the civil.

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The reasons that lead to the end of the civil marriage or agreed that the same? No. What are the reasons that can annul the marriage contained in the Civil Code? The law highlights the following assumptions:

Age: In the event of a marital union with a child under 16 years, or 18 years without the consent of the Juvenile Court. This may be done by those who had not the legal age within one year from the age of 18. The previous marital union has the constraint of illegitimate marriage of those who, at the time of the celebration, had already joined with marriage to another man with wedding ceremony suitable for civil purposes.

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The religious marriage not registered at the municipality does not have civil effects, while they have the marriage took place in foreign countries, even if not validated. Relationship, analogy, adoption between spouses: the request must be submitted no later than one year after the marriage. Crime: the marriage can be notified as ineffective, if one of the spouses is held for murder or attempted murder of one spouse to the other.

Prohibition: the marriage is not valid at the time of the celebration of those who had been declared unfit for mental illness, or even if mentally ill and the decision to ban the subject has been announced later. Inability to discernment: one of the spouses may request cancellation if it provides the evidence that one spouse was incapable of discernment for any reason, suddenly, at the time of the celebration of the marriage rite.

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