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The firm of lawyers and experts on family law operates in Rome in the various sectors of the canon and civil law and is competent in both judicial and non-judicial.

The divorce lawyer is aimed at all those who want a rapid solution to the dispute related to a divorce by mutual consent or not, a divorce or dissolution of the family did. With legal support of the marriage lawyer is possible to overcome such disputes in a clear and effective way and decide which path to take for those who choose to end their marriage through divorce or judicial wanted.

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Legal support of lawyers specialized in the area of criminal law is very important not to make missteps that can occur daily, both in the extension of a private business, corporate or commercial production. In addition to the crimes directly governed by the Criminal Code is in effect a substantial and complex set of rules that involve penalties for conduct committed by individuals, and sometimes also by legal entities.

Our criminal lawyers and legal specialists work with great composure on the civil and criminal law. Our skilled criminal industry know all the rules of the Italian code and are able to suggest the necessary solutions to the doubts expressed by the customer.

In addition, if we reflect on the fact that Article. 5 of the Penal Code states that "no person may plead in their favor the inadequacy of the criminal law", can be understood as a good legal advice of a criminal lawyer that can be important.

The main purpose of our firm of lawyers (criminal Rome) is to entertain with all customers a relationship of respect, also to provide at all times the best possible performance with the most beneficial effects.

Lawyers who work in our firm are qualified in various areas, civil lawyers, criminal lawyers or attorneys marriage lawyers and not least those who have particular expertise in a particular area such as computer and technical in relation to fraud and scams.


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Specialists of our Law firm offers consultancy and support of qualified legal assistance both judicial and extrajudicial.


Offences against the Public Administration;

Offences against the administration of justice;


Crimes against public order;

Offences against public safety;

Crimes against the public faith;

Offences against the person;

Crimes against property;


Criminal enforcement;

Medical malpractice;

Offences related to safety and hygiene at work;

Tax offenses, corporate and bankruptcy;

Environmental crime and urban areas;

Human rights, protection of women and immigrants;

Privacy and information technology;

Defense investigations;

Drafting of opinions;

Drafting of complaints and lawsuits;

Constitution plaintiff;

Compensation for wrongful imprisonment.

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Contact us in case of detention or criminal or civil problems. The law firm in London, New York, La Vegas, Rome, Naples, Milan, Italy, Germany, Spain, France and has over 15 foreign branches, is directed towards criminal and international law, a format for criminal lawyers mainly deals with the defense of people accused of crimes penalties such as drug trafficking, financial and economic crimes, white-collar crimes, murder, violence, rape and any type of crime. Contact us now for effective criminal defense.

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