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Warning: do not trust those who suggest that you can get into the estate of cohabitation. Are there any tricks to ensure the rights of succession to the partner, but not the latter, because the court will notify it as a valid agreement.

This cohabitation agreement can be defined in an obvious and natural rights and obligations of the partners. In addition, in the event that certain circumstances were to change, it is always permissible to conclude a new agreement.


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You can set a limit to the effectiveness of the co-existence? Certainly, it can be decided that some elements of the revised annually go to be sure and have no uncertainties about possible economic changes that have occurred in the meantime. You can decide the right home for one of the members of the couple after the end of the report ?

Yes, this is permissible. The property can also be transferred to the partner in case of death, but every aspect of the property must be examined in a very precise way to have a prosecution by the successors of the partner who is deceased.

Rights arising from the death of the partner: The legacy. There is no entitlement to inheritance, so the partners may elect to leave the assets for the benefit of others, that these do not affect the odds of possible legitimate heirs. Compensation of damage on death.

Should the partner dies for the crime of a third party (e.g. in a road accident), the law has been clearly declared that can obtain compensation for damages on ethical and equity to the survivor, if you came late contribution Economic granted to him in life (Constitutional Court, judgment. n. 2988/1994). Attribution of housing popular in the event of death of the partner.

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