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The clients never remain alone, but helped and supported on an ongoing basis to ensure the effective exercise of their rights.

As for all the controversial issues regarding relationships between spouses, that manifest themselves in actions that affect their mental state and that of the offspring, with mobbing and harassing actions (for example the phenomenon of mobbing or stalking family) that allow to carry out a normal life, or because they violate the trial procedures regarding foster care and sustenance of the offspring, the team provides support for the protection and defense to be compensated for damages equal to the abuses. The offspring of the firm deals with all matters relating to the appointment of support interdiction, dismissal and disqualification.


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The Firm is constituted with the aim of providing an adequate response to the requests already altered on market demands and offer a modern and unique service caring for their patients.

In fact, we are convinced that the legal, legislative and tax, are increasingly connected and related to each other because all these areas are exposed to assiduous changes.


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The preparation of the consolidated experts, can provide customers with a total solution consulting in all tax matters, corporate and financial. The exercise of working takes place with strong attention to the morale of the profession and needs.


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Regarding the first element, you must consider how the decision takes into account the significant problems that arise in the workplace of the accidents at work: parameters of involvement of the employer, the possible contribution of responsibility of the employee, definition of damage, existence of case of damage to so-called "existential" and mandatory testing.

The notification of an accident at the place of work in which circumstances required recrimination. The legislation provides that in the event of an accident at work with a diagnosis longer than 3 days, to the detriment of the employee, a partner, a family counselor, a sister property, the owner of an artisan company and other categories protected by the insurance IN, the principal must make the complaint within two days from the moment takes possession of attestation.


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Please refer to our firm in the case of heavy accident at work that is equivalent to having a comprehensive and adequate provision for proper reimbursement of the damage. We take care of the assisted throughout the process of the practice, making up for all the essential elements in order to achieve the most important achievements in a short time.

Of course, no advance payments, as well as prescribes the policy of the Firm. Have you been the victim of an accident at work and you are afraid of not having collateral or do not know how to say your reasons?


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The "disease", is described by the law as a risky situation that occurs in a calm and gradual way affecting the health of the worker and that can derive from harmful characteristics of the substances with which it comes in contact either by sudden movements and unnatural constant, to which the body adapts.

The pathology is thus professional the harmful effect of some items or work activities, prolonged in time. The professional pathology differs therefore from the accident, since, unlike the latter, does not derive from reasons of circumstance but a progressive of certain elements.


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Who is planning to set up a company chooses commonly in the form of a limited liability company. It is definitely the form which is used more often. Often, however, the relationship between the unit holders, that is, between those who approved the shares or otherwise acquired by the original members, can worsen over time and can cause the need for people who cannot handle the company to run checks on the administration.

The law has established that members are not actors that can recommend or affect certain provisions to be adopted by the company and this right cannot be opposed by the majority shareholders or the board administration.


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Establishment and registration of real estate Offices for Registration of Ownership of real estate. Intercession in the acquisition of real estate. Execution of all administrative procedures relating to investment in real estate.

Proceedings of agricultural land and urban, lease, use, employees, etc.. Administrative Law. We have considerable expertise in solving issues related to the administrative sector, we deal with a number of companies that conduct their activities in spain and other countries in resolving administrative issues related to their business.


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The firm of lawyers , which is located in London- Turin, provides legal contract for all sorts of situations, both within the company management and in individual area. Moreover, the legal contract offered by this firm is part of a more general activities that not only takes care of all aspects of commercial law, but more specifically, criminal law and private law, Labour law and social security law, banking and administrative , family law and child (with regard to the latter area, the Firm of london is qualified especially in the conduct of legal separation and divorce).

The National Collective Agreements shall be concluded between the trade unions and the governing bodies of employers, and relate to the regulation of Labour relations both in the legislative as well as economic.


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The Firm offers consulting in the evaluation of the type of contractual relationship best suited to the particular needs of the company, aiming the increase of the scope of business and distribution company.

More specifically, the law firm provides legal advice in the preparation of agency agreements, intercession and business research both nationally and internationally.

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Contact us in case of detention or criminal or civil problems. The law firm in London, New York, La Vegas, Rome, Naples, Milan, Italy, Germany, Spain, France and has over 15 foreign branches, is directed towards criminal and international law, a format for criminal lawyers mainly deals with the defense of people accused of crimes penalties such as drug trafficking, financial and economic crimes, white-collar crimes, murder, violence, rape and any type of crime. Contact us now for effective criminal defense.

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