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MOBBING: in the current regulation, there is a regulatory apparatus that can adjust the mobbing. However, over the last decade thanks to a careful and detailed study of case, law has been able to trace the salient aspects of mobbing.

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In project work, however, the employee is a free worker (i.e. not subordinate), which practices work against an applicant, co-operating with the same in a systemic and regular way. The Leg. 276/2003, in fact, states that regular and coordinated working relationships (cccoo.) to be effective must be traced to one or more specific projects, the applicant established and conducted in an autonomous and independent of the employee while regardless of the expected duration of the work that is provided.

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The team consists of experienced professional skills in the area of dismissal, compensation for damage to the physical and harassment, claims for compensation or inequalities in pay, deskilling of tasks and in all other areas pertaining to the employment rights.

The request for reconciliation is one of the most requested activities and implemented by the team. The team of lawyers provides legal support from the drafting of the document in contact with the opposing party to the effort needed for reconciliation, to arrive at any time to support the agreement with the union and the Provincial Department of Labour.


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The application of the business law legislatively speaking exists to regulate relations between employees and employers, the rights and obligations of both the workplace, relations with trade unions and the scope of social insurance and welfare.

It is therefore a matter very extensive and very concrete and close to the transformations that occur at the level of financial administration and policy of the country and provides for the same reason that the team of firm Lawyers is highly specialized, constantly updated and informed on these issues.


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The legal support is provided in disputes and court proceedings in the media, with main focus on: the right of unions, drafting employment contracts, Labour law issues related to the design of procedures for mergers, acquisitions and redevelopment business, recruitment, common or individual redundancies, cash and integrated mobility processes, administration of the employment relationship with the company and private disputes before courts and ordinary courts and in front of reconciliation and arbitration bodies.

The areas of intervention include: state and private pensions, Insanity, accompanying Indemnification - Objections to the decision; Outcome of Labour relations; procedures for dismissal; Action for dismissal, Reintroduction of the personnel manager or reimbursement of the damage, anti-union behavior, mobbing; Preparation of agreed non-competitive conditions and reductive activity; support to the employee or the company to meet the joint committees or commissions to the Provincial Labour Office, Acts and legal contentions before the Labour Court.


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The members of the law firm are experts on: contractual stipulations for the leadership and employees, restrictive agreements: anti-competitive agreements, agreements for the reduced period and so on, company policies, regulations on the use of web and mail, disciplinary rules, sales and outsourcing business, plans to increase the stock option, administration of Labour relations: disciplinary fines, sales, and so on, individual and collective dismissals, protection of privacy of employees, legal procedures, diplomatic negotiations and transactions.

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The team of lawyers provides, both in judicial and extrajudicial, defense to employees and subordinates of the business sector. It provides support in disciplinary proceedings pursuant to Art. No. 7 L. 300/70, in the path connected to the pacification effort in both private and public work.

The lawyers provide support in the business and contractual stipulations and in the drafting of individual contracts. The team is concerned to ensure a direct and practical support in all legal proceedings relating to disputes, both preventive and substantive, in front of the courts of the Italian territory, accompanying their dispute with focus and dedication .


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The Lawyers operates in this way enhancing the contribution of science, technology and telecommunication, and, second, using qualified external professionals working in the same areas.

Application of Labour Law: This area regulates all matters pertaining to Labour relations in a generic sense. Planning of relations between employer and employee to reach the connection of the relationship with the unions (the question of their right to organize) and scope-related insurance and social security.


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The law firm has great professionalism in the judiciary - particularly in the face of national supreme courts and the European Court of Justice - and also in extrajudicial matters pertaining to Labour law, unions and welfare (including in the area of supplementary pension), with attention to every sector of production.

This advice covers all judicial disputes in administrative work (such as layoffs and personal common complaints for qualified higher grade duties, claims for damage phenomena of mobbing and deskilling of tasks, the disputed area of social security).

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