- vices cartel - obstacles - defect in shape ecclesiastical court proceedings to achieve the disability (or invalidity) of the ecclesiastical marriage , the procedure to achieve exemption from ecclesiastical marriage ratified and not made; of powers granted to the ecclesiastical courts: diocesan - clerical inter-diocesan and regional - Rota (currently the Roman Rota)
- Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, the judicial proceedings achieve the admitted to civilian purposes of ecclesiastical decisions of invalidity of marriage (so-called "exequatur"), treating the Reformed agreements between the State and the Church in Italy concerning marriage consensual demands of the most frequently asked about invalidation of marriage and its responses, a publication summarizing various events planned at church - bed, face to understand the characters more important, a guide to ecclesiastical law and the Composition about the most common causes of nullity of marriage.

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The reversibility of IN pension means the amount of pension which is assigned to the spouse of a retired worker who is deceased. For this reason the IMP pension is fixed for "veterans" of the work and it is a benefit typically assigned to the families of deceased pensioners. However, the IMP pension is assigned to both independent and dependent workers as long as they possess a pension or any form of guarantee to also return pension Institute.


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In Italy, the law provides for three different systems for marriage. There are among the rites: the civil, which is celebrated by a civil servant, the one agreed by a member of the Catholic religion, and then the non-Catholic religious agreed by a member of cults accepted.

The latest survey (source: Istat, 2004) indicate that about two out of three marriages are practiced by the religious rite, for the most part agreed with.


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After the promise, are exposed to the public for eight days the marriage banns at the town in which you live, in which the exact date is affixed to freely organize your wedding without any bureaucratic hassle. In order to implement the promise of marriage and the conjugal union, you need: your passport has not expired, the permit granted by your Consulate (or Embassy) with a special signature authenticated at the Prefecture if your country of origin does not belong to the European Union; in the end, if you are Italian citizens, the state documents and free of residence.

If you want to get married in the Church through the rite agreed we also need the certificate issuing your pastor.


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The law agrees spouses to choose between two inheritance systems that admit them to more adequately fulfil the aforementioned obligations, the union of the goods or the division of property. Same preference will be engaged in a civil ceremony that is part of the rite Catholic conjugal union at the end of the Mass the priest or the registrar will register such a decision on the marriage.

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Inheritance or donations, even if obtained after the marital union, goods and their additional individual; Heritage indispensable for the exercise of their profession; Compensation for physical damage, such as insurance or disability pension; Proceeds from the transfer of one of such goods .

In the event of a sale of real estate or other acts of extraordinary administration, it is useful permission of both spouses. In case of divergence, it is up to the judge to determine whether the act requested by one of the spouses is essential for the good of the family or not.


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First, it is necessary that in the judgment of separation has not been given the charge of the separation that can be charged as a result of the violation of marital duties during the marriage life. The charge but must be assessed in relation to both spouses and it is also possible that the court ruling will be charged in the hands of both, or no one.


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How do they differ divorce and revocation of the marital union?

The invalidity is apparent when the union of marriage from the beginning never had value; divorce is the end of a marriage bed already invalid. What is the judicial authority which is responsible on deliberations on the inefficacy of civil weddings or church?


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Prohibition: the marriage is not valid at the time of the celebration of those who had been unable to recognize mental disorders, or was mentally ill prior to the issuance of the judgment of interdiction.

Not ability to discernment: one of the spouses may request cancellation if attests that he was incapable of discernment for any reason, even a temporary one at the time of the marriage.


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The invalidation does not occur in the following cases: spouses errors that have lived together a year after it came to light the error. Forgery: the spouses may apply for annulment if at the time of the celebration of the marriage rite had decided not to honour the marriage expenses.

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