-removal or dismissal from work, scaling, the aspect of non-qualifying, warnings for damage, differences in the method of remuneration, immediate jobs, personal travel or common shares of anti-union character. A high level of expertise in support of businesses and employees in the drafting of contractual agreements allows the team to proceed by expert opinions, in collaborative projects and agreements of highly professional job.

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The proper development of employment rights includes the rights and obligations of employees and their employers. This right is regulated in different laws. The key results to be the Code of Obligations (stipulation of personal work, entering into joint working, ordinary conclusion of work), the statutory provision at work (protection of employees in general, and the pause period of office, young employees, pregnant women, women who are breast-feeding) and the statutory provision on social insurance against accidents (safety of the work).

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The application of Labour law is constantly growing as the legislatives are very interested in this topic.

In the last period, mobbing was found in a particular way to the process. The use of this term was introduced in the early 70 to outline a typical attitude of certain animals that attack a similar to separate it from the group.


- IT, maritime employees, support (even by concerning experts) accessibility to services in the area of public pensions and additional assistance (also by relevant experts) in the control of the just assessment of compensation practices, assistance (also by relevant experts) to estimate the damage to the employee, the protection of employees for the defense of the right for a correct application conclusion of the contract, the regular rewards, the right location,
- -protection of employees as opposed to devices implemented by the employer that clash with laws or contractual stipulations (disputing displacements, individual or joint forced removals, integrated cash flow interruptions, changes in assignments or duration of employment, etc.), defense of the principles of freedom, justice and protection of employees (acts of discrimination based on gender, for reasons of maternity, ethnicity, reasons of union, the phenomena of "mobbing" or deplorable sexual acts , trade union activity, and so on),
- the defense of workers employed in state administration, defense of officials of government departments and businesses that invest with capital with particular attention to those who are working to be the views of professionalism protecting the rights of organized Labour and unions in disputes relating to external cases, grants of performance, sales and business sector of the business,
- -use of the distribution work defense of the employee or temporary atypical worker, personal or government agencies (refutation of character concludes at the end of the contract work, distribution of the call to work, act for the consolidation of the employment relationship or compensation for damage caused by the lack of a work placement), protection of employees who have suffered accidents or illnesses (both as regards the case of contributions "Inail" is for those who are in the situation to indemnify the employer), defending the right representative and on unions (acts for the obstruction of anti-union behavior, and so on), defending the right salary (IMP services, Inail, disability, compensation, accompanying transfer of compensation, and so on) guaranteeing the right of entering into contract for the independent worker who owns the project contract, the contractual stipulation of confederation, contractual and legal defense for black workers, i.e. those who are hired on contractual stipulations of false self-employment.

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The application of Labour law regarding the scope of Dismissal (legitimate reason, proven right, work placement, termination/common means of travel to decrease staff, selective, abandoned in the trial) that inherent precarious employment, which is related to the generalized problem of extension of temporary contracts (Contracts at Maturity), that refers to the lack of qualifications by the Commissions and the phenomena of mobbing, Recruitment of the Handicapped granting of assignments not adaptable to such person, to the conditions affecting black workers, those employed under false contracts.


-waiver or discrimination in the allocation of work tasks, removal of duties, disproportionate or significant tasks, and in any event capable of causing serious problems in relation to the psycho/physical employee assignments, in relation to occupational qualification possessed, methodical and unjustifiable hindrance in accessing information and data on daily working occupation, unjustified exclusion of the employee respect the educational projects,
-updating and further work, testing and excessive measures of inspection in respect of the employee which would cause damage or serious difficulties, mistreatment related to the employee s personal life, with reference to sexual discrimination, ethnicity, language, religious and political reasons.

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The pretexts, the logic, the origins of the dismissal are varied. They can be divided into "classes, or models," in a form that, in normal and real circumstances, is the prediction of the above circumstances. In fact, the employee is allowed to appeal the dismissal and demand the reinstatement or re-employment and/or reimbursement of damages suffered by the employer.


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There are many employers who do not normalize and legalize their workers, up to the direct conclusion that these contributions are not deprived of the care and protection if they are in conditions of illness or injury.

Moreover, the "black" salary implies the removal of relevant principles of law relating to employees (as the reward in case of illness, the Thirteenth salary, the "solidity" of the working relationship, etc..). In other circumstances the employment relationship, which is in fact subordinate, comes to be "camouflaged" by various organizations (start-vat, casual work and so on).


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The high adaptability in the company of the Labour law in any respect provides significant models of learning, knowledge and practice that arise solely from a precise and targeted attitude.

The expertise of the team embodies a specifically improved knowledge and awareness on business law, with considerable attention to the Judiciary, strategic and legal opinion. The eminent lawyer, an expert in Business Law in the city of London, has developed - in various categories of business


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As regards to the right to organize it, relates to the different regulations, state or related to contracts, which govern the joint independent activities (ex. trade unions) of the working groups (ex. employees and employers) and the devices of their operation (industrial action, negotiation and conclusion of collective agreement, membership, collective opposition) detecting a link with the Joint RULES (international, Community and Legislative) and the personal relationship of employment ... ".

The team guarantee support to enterprises in the conduct of union affairs, supporting the Assisted in relation to disputes between unions and ensuring proper assistance in the early stages of negotiation and drafting of collective company contractual stipulations.


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Negotiation of terms and business constraints, control of business books, governing Building regulations, employment legislation, Clarification of regulations related to Labour relations, review of legislation on Labour law, procedures on the securing of jobs, Assistance in the courts and the courts work, dismissals of solicited Consents, correct implementation, planning law between contractors and employees, increased growth of modern managerial sectors, clarification, correction and inclusion of employment benefits.

At the initial stage, the firm provides support mainly in the areas of: human resources management, relationships with unions, relations with industry, regulations concerning the reduction of personnel, transfer of business and social safety nets.


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The activities of the Lawyers supports mostly all those who find themselves in a situation of hardship or where it is manifest the obvious damage they have suffered, carrying a serious injury to their person and their professional work due to situations related to their job role and workplace.

Specifically, the team of Lawyers provides support and support to businesses and employees in Labour disputes giving assistance to companies in Italy and abroad with offices on the Italian territory and in the contracting business, responsible for relations with the IMP and other Bodies Prevention.

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