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Banking. The Firm grants wide assistance on banking practices, as in possession of permits, preparation of related documents to obtain grants, loans etc.. The members of the firm have established themselves in the resolution of disputes within the banking and real estate, offering representation to their clients before the various courts and relevant administrative bodies.

Tax and Customs. The firm provides a service specializing in the law of taxation. The law firm is always the solution of problems with the tax authorities of its customers, the administrative and legal. A qualified service is provided about the tax system and Italian customs house, through the intercession for the resolution of disputes and agreed upon in the preparation of direct actions to the tax authorities and customs.


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The firm claims about a decade ago, in Italy, the employers of domestic workers within the constraints of administrative, accounting and wage during all phases of the employment relationship with a maid, a nanny or a babysitter already or engaged or yet to be used.

In detail is responsible for: preparation of the letter of recruitment, and implementing all administrative tasks that are needed for the regularization of employment, including the development of all the necessary forms, and specifically of the form Q - Contract for Living of non-EU workers, and preparation of monthly wages; compilation and send the MAV for the payment of Social Security contributions to be paid every three months, counting payments to be paid to the Fund Maid; the compilation of the annual CUD and the procedure of dismissal and payment of final pay with the assessment of severance pay and all the skills developed by the alleged National Labour.


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We can list four categories: the first super for workers who have a professional degree certified by the Italian State first, for the high-skilled workers (healthcare professional diploma, butler, cook, guide, etc..) second, for those who work for the benefit of a family (waiters, chauffeur, babysitter, etc.).. third, for those who perform manual tasks (cleaning, laundry, gardening).

Note: workers in the third category to the second pass after completing 14 months of work. (Art.12). In Italy all subjects, and not Italian citizens, have a right to be cared for, even with a stay in a hospital. Foreign workers who have a residence permit for work (even seeking employment) are registered with the National Health Service with dependents.


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The firm of lawyers provides to individuals and businesses a total legal framework of Labour law and social security, administration and settlement of legal contest. The firm, trained in this particular area of law, provides services assistance with:

generic work issues, exemptions of individual and collective burden of the employer, the conclusion of agreements of employment and self-support programs and stock options, protection and social support, agency agreements, Proceedings of intercession. The legal firm has a lot of expertise on the elements of employment law, including corporate and maneuvers related to specific business.


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Service companies, although taking part, in terms of pensions, tertiary scope, are not included as part of implementation of the layoff extraordinary income and therefore of compensation for transferability as not commercial activity. Article, which introduces new features with respect to what is stipulated by art. 2195 cod. civ., established the categorization of companies, all-purpose contributions and assistance in five different sections (industry, commerce, agriculture, commercial, banking and insurance), established in detail the scope adherence tertiary companies that conduct these types of services: a) sales, b) for processing and granting of services, c) specialist and artistic, d) incidental to the above.

Production companies and service concessions are included in the defined contribution plan in tertiary along with other companies that perform the above functions, but they are commercial companies.


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The rules governing this aspect, on the other hand, does not allow to be able to detect uncertainties of constitutionality with Articles. 3:38, since those who apply the law has the discretion to regulate differently in different factual contexts, taking into account the particular needs of each economic and social situation, and noted that commercial companies and the processing and delivery of show clearly the specific services that do not allow comparison.

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Surely someone asserts that Labour law in any case is subjected to private law, while others, on the contrary, assert that there is awe, but a clear feature of Labour law, an almost autonomy, to the point of being able to talk about comprehensive theory of Labour law.

The dismissal can be considered the symbol of this evolution. The waiver on the fringes can be assessed as a specific aspect of renunciation to the report, since it is not found in private law, especially in relation to the aspect of protection, characterized by taking into account individual objectives and specific fees: mandatory protection, royal protection and the real protection of the common law, the protection in the event of dismissal.


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The completion of certain criteria of private law has given rise to a set legislative techniques, uneven, so it was no clear difference between the different types of subjects.

One of the thorniest issues, and intriguing at the same time, the conclusion of an international agreement is that the selection of adoptable legislation for such an agreement. Indeed, although in the area of international trade there is the tendency of Anglo-Saxon origin, to enter into cd. "Self-regulatory", i.e. including regulations particularly detailed, so as to include the solution, as a precaution, to prevent any potential controversy and problems of interpretation that emerges during intercourse, so as to minimize the chances of integration of the provisions negotiated by the work of legislation, it should be concretely identified as an agreement that, as detailed, cannot assume all.


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This typically occurs with assimilation, the international agreement, a legal agreement (pactum de lege utenda), which is basically a statement that explicitly states that the agreement "is entirely governed by the law [...], which that the term, implementation and conclusion, and as the basis of interpretation, on the level of resolution of disagreements that arise from it. "

Indeed, almost all countries in the world (with the exception of some countries in developing and former socialist), allow the parties to an agreement to choose freely the norm adapted to it. This autonomy to select the law that will govern the agreement also constitutes a statement of principle, the independence of the parties, which is widely claimed by both the laws of the biggest civil law countries, that those common law, such as the United Kingdom and the United States.


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The firm supports its clients on the many issues of corporate law, having developed a strong expertise in the function of strategic guidance tense as the planning of solutions relating to the protection of intellectual property of the company, with specific experience in the function of observation and examines the supply chain of counterfeit and relations with the police and administrative advice to both the consecutive terms of private and criminal justice.

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