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Financial aid is determined in proportion to the economic status of those who must give, cannot last more than 3 years and the end if the recipient remarries. If the spouse that resulted in the revocation is only one and it was in bad faith, he is obliged to pay compensation to another, even in the absence of checks on the suffered damage.

The compensation shall not be less than an amount that can determine the livelihood for three years. In addition, the spouse in bad faith is obliged to pay maintenance to the other, indefinitely, if that is in need and has no other relatives who take care of its maintenance.


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The firm offers full support to improve the administration and protection of family assets, individual and corporate. In detail: the service is considered as a total management of the assets, that does not stop the normal financial sector but also covers legal issues, tax, inheritance, security, insurance, real estate, etc.


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Support for establishment of trusts and Family Holding and other "family companies", Investing in real estate securities and other countries.

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An increasing number of large couples today decide to live together rather than marry. This decision is due to economic factors, legal or purely cultural and individual. Live but also means being in a situation that offers no protection in the event of the end of the relationship or the sudden death of one of the members of the couple, or even only if it is essential to identify in detail the functions and contribution of each component to the life of the couple.

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The performance of these activities include: examination of the constraints established by the couple living together, drafting of the covenant of cohabitation by a legal transfer of a notice including the precautions relating to the tasks to be carried out to achieve personally of the registration agreement at appropriate Registry Office.

Having failed experiments in institution of civil unions, a structural legal admission of unmarried couples by the Italian law and currently far from the occurrence; meanwhile growing discrepancy between the actual state and the formal nature of de facto unions, " circumstances "in which even the law, like it or not Parliament, must be measured.


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If two individuals have the desire to live together sustainably and to support each other it seems that may arise out of fees and charges comparable to those beds. It s really so? We cannot say no. The allocation of rights and obligations to two individuals in this case is the prerogative of the Italian law.

For what reason? Replication is logical and can be inferred only if you are referring to the effects of union bed. Many legal constraints on both the asset and individual are in fact behind this legislative institution, and it is precisely for this reason that the law seeks, through an important celebration and official, to be held in the presence of an official status, to understand the What will the bride and groom wedding.


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The firm was founded with the purpose of providing an effective service business consulting for the management, protection and succession of businesses, individuals and families, private estates, dealing with different sectors that are the right of taxes and the advice of the IRS, corporate, business, management, finance, ordinary and extraordinary corporate expertise in finance and investment, equity, social security, real estate and administrative, financial and corporate actions, the Trust and the instruments of heritage conservation, management on delicate process as a crisis, refinement and reorganization of business on a national and international level.

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The firm offers legal advice throughout Italy thanks to the collaboration with other firms. The firm is a valid operational body of legal coordinated to provide an efficient and appropriate services and facilities to companies in the areas of formulation of opinions and legal advice, broken down into different areas that are out of court, both in Italy and abroad, where emerge the main issues related to the economic activity of legal business.

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