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This function becomes crucial because it is designed to circumvent the occurrence of subsequent litigation and to avoid costly and doubt appeal to the judge. In fact, it is proven approach and successful lawyers of the firm research, where permitted, an illustration that could define dispute on an interactive basis, it is well known the extent of the cost and time of endless justice.

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- Cases concerning the assessment of parent-child relationships, both legitimate and natural;
- Foster care and adoption;
- Use of legitimacy;
- Proclamation of legitimacy;
- Adoption of any minor;
- Adoption of older persons;
- Management of aid to a person to be protected.
- Disavowal of paternity;
- Approval of the natural child;
- The judicial act of paternity and maternity;
- The assignment of natural children;

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-Sexual Assault
-Carding Fraud


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The family business is a body compound that is active only when the work cannot be seen as another type of relationship, or a company or an employment relationship. The assumption of this provision is in the need to go beyond the well-established principle of gratuitousness of the working family in order to put a limit to the situation of abuse and unsuitable as it was the family member who held their jobs.

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Generally, the right of first refusal is considered to be discordant with the agreement of donation than any other contract in which, with respect to a deferral of an asset or a right is not a counter-quantified useful.

Indeed, with regard to the assignment, there is a compensation which can use the holder of the right of first refusal with the result that some sort of change would take place under Law of the gift in an act of heavy-duty type, hindering the donor in implementation of his will.


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- Assault Battery
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-Phishing Scams
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- Cyberterrorism
-Child Abuse
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It speaks of an intense relationship with the Spanish territory, what does it means? The principle that allows foreign nationals to present a petition for divorce is the long-term residence of the couple in Spain, which in fact is not meant to refer to the permanent and exclusive residence, much less constant, as is the case for the hypotheses permit residence in Spanish territory where they are actually evaluated the phases of temporal remoteness of the actors involved in the Spanish territory.


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The Civil Code provides that the court decision with respect to custody of minor children must be applied, with priority given to shared custody. The judge s decision, however, must take into account the interests of the children first. What does this mean? It means that the court will take into account primarily the emotional and psychological aspects, as well as materials.

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