international drug crime lawyer Aberdeen


international drug crime lawyer Aberdeen

The clients never remain alone, but helped and supported on an ongoing basis to ensure the effective exercise of their rights.

As for all the controversial issues regarding relationships between spouses, that manifest themselves in actions that affect their mental state and that of the offspring, with mobbing and harassing actions (for example the phenomenon of mobbing or stalking family) that allow to carry out a normal life, or because they violate the trial procedures regarding foster care and sustenance of the offspring, the team provides support for the protection and defense to be compensated for damages equal to the abuses. The offspring of the firm deals with all matters relating to the appointment of support interdiction, dismissal and disqualification.

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The law firm where the activity is pursued by and partners in explanations related to the work carried out and legal support. Support activities and support of the spouses in the same activity tends to put into practice all the devices useful for appropriate assistance to spouses throughout the legal process.


This business support and advice is useful to offer support in running the household, in critical situations experienced by spouses through a real psychological help. The implementation of the separation and divorce.

Regarding the separation of the individual spouses (and consequently the possible or probable divorce) it is to focus on the end of forced cohabitation between the spouses and identifies both the rules of relationships with their children (if any), and relationships of financial nature.

To be effective the process must be characterized by a "judicial process" in which there is a real correspondence with "the regulation of relations" as expected from jurisdiction matter in this regard. In this case the implementation of the separation may be effected by consent or judicial. In the first situation, are the spouses (also assisted by a lawyer) to regulate their relations once the marriage union is interrupted by subjecting it to the court.

In the second situation, the implementation of judicial separation, it is not desired and allowed to determine the regulation of the marital relationship, there is a real contest in which, at the end of the dispute, it will be the judge to fix the implementation of the separation in economic matters relating to children (if any are based on age).

In both situations (joint implementation of separation or divorce court) the request must be filed through appeal and durability for the implementation of the procedure, even in a useful and necessary provisional, ranging from 3-5 months. It should be noted that the situation of divorced or separated spouse (whether it has had with the joint or judicial separation) does not appear to be inconvertible until the outcome of the separation.


Therefore, at any time the spouses could make peace and put an end to the outcome of the separation and this can also happen through the implementation of attitudes that are very important at this regard (such as resume cohabitation).

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