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international drug crime lawyer Belgium

For separated or in the process of separating the law has always opened the hypothesis of reconciliation. In fact, they may mutually agree to terminate the effects of the judgment of separation, without requiring the intervention of the court, by express declaration or by conduct unequivocally that it is incompatible with the state of separation.

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The costs of a consensual separation even if variables are lower than those of a judicial separation. Much depends on the complexity of the issue (e.g. if there were any significant assets or particular issues relating to children, the matter will be considered as more complex, requiring a level of detail and spending a longer time).

-Child Abuse

The separation of the spouses may be consensual or judicial this is what the article says 150 of the Civil Code, as amended by Article 32 of the Law of 19.05.1975 no. 151.

Consensual separation is certainly the fastest and cheapest way to put an end to the marriage relationship.

It s an agreement between the spouses which is manifested in a special appeal to the competent court. The agreement of the spouses was consecrated in an action and in an act, in which are given the conditions under which the couple plan to separate.


We speak of the allocation of the marital home, custody of children, and how to maintain the attendance of the same, the sum payable periodically to the weaker spouse. The application is signed by both spouses, and must be filed with the competent court for entry to the role. Spouses can proceed practices for consensual separation without the support and assistance of the lawyer.


The moment you filed the appeal, it is prepared and set up by the office file and the President of the Court fixed by decree of the hearing at which the spouses must appear in person usually takes about three/four months after the submission of appeal.

During the hearing the mediation of the spouses, shall be completed, the success of which is certainly a rare event. In the above hypothesis, a conciliation report would be prepared in which this will be reported. The most common hypothesis is instead one in which the parties renew their willingness to part with the conditions of the application.

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