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The law firm has great professionalism in the judiciary - particularly in the face of national supreme courts and the European Court of Justice - and also in extrajudicial matters pertaining to Labour law, unions and welfare (including in the area of supplementary pension), with attention to every sector of production.

This advice covers all judicial disputes in administrative work (such as layoffs and personal common complaints for qualified higher grade duties, claims for damage phenomena of mobbing and deskilling of tasks, the disputed area of social security).

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The support framework covers in extrajudicial: Assistance, also by telephone and mail, drafting documents used for personnel administration (such as notices of protest, or dismissal, appeal, clarification of legal procedures and contractual stipulations, venue changes in activities, promotional areas, bonuses, prizes and so on); assistance in the administration of additional retirement credits,


-assistance in drafting and signing of personal and collective bargaining (such as recruitment in the workplace, working with project contract, contractual term stipules, contractual stipulations of independent work, contractual stipulations of enterprise, and so on); assistance in drafting of internal regulations (such as pipelines disciplinary policy for the use of web, email, business assets, and so etc.), drafting memoranda and opinions, calculation of the loss related to any disputes.

Application of Labour Law: the firm of Lawyers is distinguished by his skill and professionalism decades in the area of Labour law, in which compare with great dedication and meticulousness, to enable continuous update information on multiple tasks and working procedures of the area. Provides support for extrajudicial bodies and private enterprises, and support in many stages in the judicial proceedings.

In exemplary standard, but not exhaustive, is responsible for: personal or joint redundancies, exemptions, regulatory disciplinary actions sanctions, inequalities in pay, severance pay or severance pay, changing tasks and assignments, harassment and stalking, contractual stipulations work, recovery amounts credit work, accidents at work, and IMP social security disputes In.