international drug crime lawyer Cardiff


international drug crime lawyer Cardiff

In project work, however, the employee is a free worker (i.e. not subordinate), which practices work against an applicant, co-operating with the same in a systemic and regular way. The Leg. 276/2003, in fact, states that regular and coordinated working relationships (cccoo.) to be effective must be traced to one or more specific projects, the applicant established and conducted in an autonomous and independent of the employee while regardless of the expected duration of the work that is provided.

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PRINCIPLES THAT QUALIFY THE WORK PROJECT are: regular and continuous cooperation in which there is no presence of subordinate conditions, peculiarities of the work that is determined by the applicant and shall consist of a productive work that is functional and recognizable in a final outcome and the work schedule, however, if not pertained to a final outcome, it is implemented and achieved through other functions, independent character of the worker in the achievement of their job function and in the conduct of the same depending on the outcome to be achieved.

The inclination of the team is interested in both private and collective employment rights, relations with industry and social welfare, using professionally competent experts in various areas of competence, many of which are responsible for various tasks both at universities and at public offices.


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The team of Lawyers cooperates with famous uk Studies with special expertise in Labour law and social security, providing special support in working relationships (subordinate and independent) and assistance in terms of Dismissal, Harassment and deskilling of tasks.

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