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The completion of certain criteria of private law has given rise to a set legislative techniques, uneven, so it was no clear difference between the different types of subjects.

One of the thorniest issues, and intriguing at the same time, the conclusion of an international agreement is that the selection of adoptable legislation for such an agreement. Indeed, although in the area of international trade there is the tendency of Anglo-Saxon origin, to enter into cd. "Self-regulatory", i.e. including regulations particularly detailed, so as to include the solution, as a precaution, to prevent any potential controversy and problems of interpretation that emerges during intercourse, so as to minimize the chances of integration of the provisions negotiated by the work of legislation, it should be concretely identified as an agreement that, as detailed, cannot assume all.

For this reason, often the interpreter (court or judge) must indicate national legislation with which, in the event that a dispute arises, you can remedy the omissions of the contracting parties. In carrying out this investigation, he will have to take into account a set of laws, cd. of "private international law" (so-called "conflict rules"), which will enable him to establish what is the right (s) suitable agreement.


However, it is obvious that such a resolution could lead to adverse effects, under the aspect of "unpredictability" (unpredictability, indeterminacy) of the final settlement. In fact, the rules of private international law, are different depending on the laws (and then depending on the country), so the legislation will be considered adaptable agreement will clearly be different according to the court approached first, since it performs the above decision based on the law of private international law relating to its national legislation.

In addition, the origin of law applied will also affect the outcome of the trial. In fact, however, the parties to an international agreement sporadically take into account the identification of the specific right that can be adapted to it, delegating judicial authority to resolve this issue when a dispute arises.

But before we get to that, there is the possibility to check (or ignore) the application of the rules of a country through the manifest indication in the Agreement, the laws that govern the same.

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