international drug crime lawyer Chelmsford


international drug crime lawyer Chelmsford

Regarding the first element, you must consider how the decision takes into account the significant problems that arise in the workplace of the accidents at work: parameters of involvement of the employer, the possible contribution of responsibility of the employee, definition of damage, existence of case of damage to so-called "existential" and mandatory testing.

The notification of an accident at the place of work in which circumstances required recrimination. The legislation provides that in the event of an accident at work with a diagnosis longer than 3 days, to the detriment of the employee, a partner, a family counselor, a sister property, the owner of an artisan company and other categories protected by the insurance IN, the principal must make the complaint within two days from the moment takes possession of attestation.

In this case, it is up to the employer to determine the existence of an accident at work. This only needs to get hold of the certificate and verify the existence of the accident as certified by the worker and confirmed by medical doctor.



In cases where the health certificate indicates a prognosis that lasts more than 3 days mandatory reporting is automatic, where there is no need to go for notifications prognosis of one, two or three days. In some cases, the first health attestation, i.e. where the doctor certifies that you have been injured on the job also verifying the circumstances, is succeeded by a second, which is reduced only to extend the duration of the prognosis of worker.

In these cases you must pay attention to the total number of days of convalescence indicated by both certificates. We assume that the certificate of an accident results in 3 days of convalescence. So if the 4th day the employee starts to work, the employer must not make any complaint, except the obligation to register the case in the book accidents.

However, if the employee does not return to work, but the company sends another health certificate which has more days of recovery, the prognosis as a whole becomes more than 3 days and the employer is obliged to make a declaration in the next two days since the notification of the second medical certificate. For a particular case is examined in detail the example in paragraph 4 below.

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