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Please refer to our firm in the case of heavy accident at work that is equivalent to having a comprehensive and adequate provision for proper reimbursement of the damage. We take care of the assisted throughout the process of the practice, making up for all the essential elements in order to achieve the most important achievements in a short time.

Of course, no advance payments, as well as prescribes the policy of the Firm. Have you been the victim of an accident at work and you are afraid of not having collateral or do not know how to say your reasons?

Get in touch with us. First, we must take into account the fact that, in order to examine the cases in a valid manner, that professional illness can be described as a pathological symptom characterized by a slow and gradual deterioration in the state of health of the worker. Definition of occupational diseases.

The term occupational disease refers to a condition resulting from activities related to the profession, which determines an insane change in the professional health that limits the efficiency of the worker that is affected.


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It is caused by the harmful, slowly and gradually a dangerous element, with which the subject can come into contact because of the functions they perform (direct risk from occupational disease), or for the simple fact that they operate, although responsible for other functions in hazardous work site (pathology professional environmental hazard).

Unlikeness to the accident at work. The difference lies in the longer duration of the modus operandi of the risky element and spreading gradually revealing a long time from exposure to danger, appears to be less noticeable.

Work-related diseases. Are diseases where the work performed is one of the reasons but not the only one: the clinical conditions are not unique and the prognosis is not well-founded, but possible or potential. This deterioration in his state of health is due to pathogens that emerge during work or deriving from the structure, or that depend on the state in which they are found in the workplace, as the disease must be a causal relationship the performance of specific job functions and cannot be connected approximately at the time when they work, as in the case of the incident (refer, of all, in Cass. February 8, 1978, n. 609).

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