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Negotiation of terms and business constraints, control of business books, governing Building regulations, employment legislation, Clarification of regulations related to Labour relations, review of legislation on Labour law, procedures on the securing of jobs, Assistance in the courts and the courts work, dismissals of solicited Consents, correct implementation, planning law between contractors and employees, increased growth of modern managerial sectors, clarification, correction and inclusion of employment benefits.

At the initial stage, the firm provides support mainly in the areas of: human resources management, relationships with unions, relations with industry, regulations concerning the reduction of personnel, transfer of business and social safety nets.

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In the specific - as regards the contention - the team of professionals in the area of Labour law and social security provides support to companies supporting them in all levels of courts, faced with judicial offices nationwide, this is possible since the team operates throughout the country and is well rooted. The profession supported by the uk Lawyers in London-Rome, Naples and Milan as regards the right to work includes activities that define specifically the work and professional relationships between the employer and the employee, not forgetting at the same time, circumstances more complicated for which it is considered necessary even the intervention of unions.