international drug crime lawyer Exeter


international drug crime lawyer Exeter

Service companies, although taking part, in terms of pensions, tertiary scope, are not included as part of implementation of the layoff extraordinary income and therefore of compensation for transferability as not commercial activity. Article, which introduces new features with respect to what is stipulated by art. 2195 cod. civ., established the categorization of companies, all-purpose contributions and assistance in five different sections (industry, commerce, agriculture, commercial, banking and insurance), established in detail the scope adherence tertiary companies that conduct these types of services: a) sales, b) for processing and granting of services, c) specialist and artistic, d) incidental to the above.

Production companies and service concessions are included in the defined contribution plan in tertiary along with other companies that perform the above functions, but they are commercial companies.

For this reason, service companies should not cover the provision of art. 7 paragraph 7 of Decree n. 148 of 1993, as amended by Law no. 236, 1993, and corroborated by the following rules of law, according to which decisions regarding the integration of salary are applied to companies that provide businesses which employ at least 50 workers.

That provision, the limited definition as particular piece of legislation, is expressly applicable only to companies that perform services of intercession in the movement of goods and not fit broadly or in accordance with the processing companies and provision of services, although these (first categorized in the industrial sector on the basis of art. 2195 cod. civ.) are now placed in service sector together with commercial companies.


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The overall classification in the same area, for the purposes of insurance, companies that provide different performance in the economy does not, in fact, the instinctive expansion of the legal framework relating to each type of company to further.

And well known that the regulation of the exceptional measure of integration of wages, and the one associated with the process of transfer, it is not generally adoptable but is only suitable for types of companies specified by the standard, regardless of their classification pension purposes.

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