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-waiver or discrimination in the allocation of work tasks, removal of duties, disproportionate or significant tasks, and in any event capable of causing serious problems in relation to the psycho/physical employee assignments, in relation to occupational qualification possessed, methodical and unjustifiable hindrance in accessing information and data on daily working occupation, unjustified exclusion of the employee respect the educational projects,
-updating and further work, testing and excessive measures of inspection in respect of the employee which would cause damage or serious difficulties, mistreatment related to the employee s personal life, with reference to sexual discrimination, ethnicity, language, religious and political reasons.

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The pretexts, the logic, the origins of the dismissal are varied. They can be divided into "classes, or models," in a form that, in normal and real circumstances, is the prediction of the above circumstances. In fact, the employee is allowed to appeal the dismissal and demand the reinstatement or re-employment and/or reimbursement of damages suffered by the employer.

As regards to the dismissal for misconduct (proven true reason or subjective cause) when deficiencies are attacked in the workplace, indiscipline, slowdowns, work situations involving the conduct or behavior of the worker in industry.

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The reasons for real dismissal: while the dismissal occurs for logistical reasons and growth of employer, when the enterprise think that the employee is no longer valid or necessary for the company. The "caused" Dismissal occur when the employee passed sometimes of absence for reasons due to diseases of various kinds that were provided by the common contractual stipulation.

The Dismissal of staff working down (the so-called mobility) or when the removal has a direct effect of a common standard for reducing the working staff, (referring to old age, load of the family and the needs of the company). Dismissal (termination/waiver) under consideration: when the waiver from the employment relationship occurs, when there is a phase of testing/verification.

Dismissal related to discriminatory reasons: it occurs when the removal is defined by the logic that has nothing to do with the profession to work or the zeal of the worker, but must be attributed to discriminatory actions (sexuality, ethnicity, political beliefs, religious orientations).

In fact, it almost always happens: the causes of the dismissal enucleated are unreliable and do not coincide with the tested condition; the causes of removal or dismissal are "drawn" purposely to get exempted the employee, the reasons for the redundancies are not expected or allowed by applicable law; In addition the employer has not complied with the proposed "regulations prescribed by law" or the prior art (ex. common dismissal) expected by current law to get to the dismissal of the worker.

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