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- IT, maritime employees, support (even by concerning experts) accessibility to services in the area of public pensions and additional assistance (also by relevant experts) in the control of the just assessment of compensation practices, assistance (also by relevant experts) to estimate the damage to the employee, the protection of employees for the defense of the right for a correct application conclusion of the contract, the regular rewards, the right location,
- -protection of employees as opposed to devices implemented by the employer that clash with laws or contractual stipulations (disputing displacements, individual or joint forced removals, integrated cash flow interruptions, changes in assignments or duration of employment, etc.), defense of the principles of freedom, justice and protection of employees (acts of discrimination based on gender, for reasons of maternity, ethnicity, reasons of union, the phenomena of "mobbing" or deplorable sexual acts , trade union activity, and so on),
- the defense of workers employed in state administration, defense of officials of government departments and businesses that invest with capital with particular attention to those who are working to be the views of professionalism protecting the rights of organized Labour and unions in disputes relating to external cases, grants of performance, sales and business sector of the business,
- -use of the distribution work defense of the employee or temporary atypical worker, personal or government agencies (refutation of character concludes at the end of the contract work, distribution of the call to work, act for the consolidation of the employment relationship or compensation for damage caused by the lack of a work placement), protection of employees who have suffered accidents or illnesses (both as regards the case of contributions "Inail" is for those who are in the situation to indemnify the employer), defending the right representative and on unions (acts for the obstruction of anti-union behavior, and so on), defending the right salary (IMP services, Inail, disability, compensation, accompanying transfer of compensation, and so on) guaranteeing the right of entering into contract for the independent worker who owns the project contract, the contractual stipulation of confederation, contractual and legal defense for black workers, i.e. those who are hired on contractual stipulations of false self-employment.

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The application of Labour law regarding the scope of Dismissal (legitimate reason, proven right, work placement, termination/common means of travel to decrease staff, selective, abandoned in the trial) that inherent precarious employment, which is related to the generalized problem of extension of temporary contracts (Contracts at Maturity), that refers to the lack of qualifications by the Commissions and the phenomena of mobbing, Recruitment of the Handicapped granting of assignments not adaptable to such person, to the conditions affecting black workers, those employed under false contracts.

Employers almost always conclude fixed-term contracts to be free from any ties and responsibilities, and to be able, after a certain period, to "get rid" of the employee permanently, avoiding all the effects that could result in a dismissal not legitimate.

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The statutory provision, however, allows to apply a limit to conclude the contract only in the presence of expressed assumptions and evidence, to be specified clearly in the contract. The inadequacy contracted in the workplace, leading to cases of disability and Disability (bestowed by IMP) and income for Injury/ Special Accident and Sickness (bestowed Im).

Within the working and Social Security Law, the team provides legal advice/legal cases with respect to: Opinion concerning contributory by the employee and self-defense, resorted to layoffs/removals, and severance pay claims recoveries salary, company reports, project contracts, approval of insurance services. The phenomenon of mobbing has also feature as the one to drive the worker and make him led to the dismissal, to hinder his career and work, set them free from all kinds of tasks, and so on.

This is carried out (refer to the lm) in substance of abuse or harassment, both physically and mentally, methods accusations, insults and personal oral insults, intimidation or acts tending to unfairly intimidate or demoralize, opinions and unjustified adverse behaviors, de-legitimizing the personal dignity, even in front of coworkers and people outside the company, institute or direction,

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