international drug crime lawyer Oxford


international drug crime lawyer Oxford

The "disease", is described by the law as a risky situation that occurs in a calm and gradual way affecting the health of the worker and that can derive from harmful characteristics of the substances with which it comes in contact either by sudden movements and unnatural constant, to which the body adapts.

The pathology is thus professional the harmful effect of some items or work activities, prolonged in time. The professional pathology differs therefore from the accident, since, unlike the latter, does not derive from reasons of circumstance but a progressive of certain elements.

The "occupational disease" is defined as "work-related disease," and not "working condition", which instead refers to the various types of diseases contracted in the workplace, and that can result from several factors. In Italy-related ill health are subject to mandatory insurance IN, which in case of illness provides various types of services affected worker contributions.

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The list of compensable occupational diseases is listed by Presidential Decree no. 1124/65 (so-called diseases "listed"), but that does not mean that other diseases cannot be identified as such by a special monitoring, including judicial.

Protection against accidents by a special insurance is the primary and indispensable mode of protection from the economic effects that an accident can have on the state of the insured. The policy, in fact, is limited to events caused by accidental reasons, brutal and exogenous factors that produce physical damage and subsequent death,when disability is permanent or temporary.

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Employees are protected by social insurance compulsory to IN for accidents in the workplace, in the performance of its activities and on the way from home to the workplace and vice versa, and therefore pay a reward to that body by its owner, bound to the associated payroll withholding and the resulting payment, as well as prescribes the Consolidated provisions for compulsory insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases in the Decree 30 June 1965, n. 1124 (OJ No. 257, October 13, 1965 - Suppl. Ord.).

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