international drug crime lawyer Southampton


international drug crime lawyer Southampton

The team works primarily to the higher courts of the Italian territory by supporting spouses who wish to undertake the procedures of separation by mutual agreement, called as technical level joint separation. Such is the procedure at the judicial level, which is undertaken jointly by the spouses, when they came to an understanding of all the conditions set by the divorce, such as foster care of children and maintaining the support of the spouse who is in terms of economic integration, the assignment of the matrimonial home and division of common property.

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The joint application provides many privileges for spouses: it is indeed faster and cheaper, is not particularly shocking for children and for the spouses, based upon mutual written agreement, allows spouses to agree on the rules that are relevant to their interests and assets, ad hoc built on the needs of both.

The team of lawyers provides advice even when you do not yet reached a definite agreement on the bonds of separation, using a real mediation service, which has as main purpose to show the application deployed by both spouses.


The duration of the separation joint: the duration of the judgment of separation is generally short. In larger courts (ex. Nyc-Milan or Rome) the hearing to appear before the court is expected within 90 days after filing of the request, but in the smaller courts is expected to last about 60 days, sometimes even less.

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