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"The doctrine has been understood as" chain of custody "the set of acts that have the purpose of collecting, transferring and preserving the signs or traces obtained in the course of a criminal investigation, acts that must be completed by a series of requirements in order to ensure the authenticity, inalterability and indemnity of the sources of evidence.

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This Chamber has established that the integrity of the chain of custody guarantees that from the moment the vestiges related to the crime are collected until they come to be specified as evidence at the time of the trial, that on which the immediacy, publicity and contradiction of the parties and the trial of the court is the same.

-Troisdorf Germany Rouen France Iby-les-Moulineaux France Karlsruhe Germany-Saint-Nazaire France Spreitenbach Switzerland Biel Switzerland Pebac France-la Tour-de-Peilz Switzerland Bielefeld Germany Tourcoing France Ahlen Germany-Regensburg Germany Strasbourg France Salzgitter Germany Carouge Switzerland-Adliswil Switzerland Hanau Germany Kiel Germany Mannheim Germany Ivry-sur-Seine France-Weimar Germany Sierre Switzerland Iserlohn Germany Worms Germany-Friedrichshafen Germany Hinwil Switzerland Herford Germany Val-de-Travers Switzerland-Milan Italy Emmen Switzerland Nice France Charleville-Mezieres France Renens Switzerland-Mannedorf Switzerland Villingen-Schwenningen Germany Nanterre France Troyes France-Chene-Bougeries Switzerland Dinslaken Germany Bayreuth Germany Paris France Perth Australia-Nancy France Valencia Spain Brandenburg on the Havel Germany Augsburg Germany


When the prohibited substance intervened in the course of the investigation of crimes against public health has to circulate or transit through different places, it is necessary for the corresponding opinions to be issued to be sure that what is transferred is the same in all cases.

At the moment, from the moment it is intervened until the final moment that is studied and analyzed and, where appropriate, it is destroyed (SSTS 6/2010, of 27-1; 776/2011, of 26-7; 1043/2011, of 14 -10; 347/2012, from 25-4; 83/2013, from 13-2; and 933/2013, from 12-12).

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It has also been said that the regularity of the chain of custody is a budget for the valuation of the piece or element of conviction intervened; In this way, it is ensured that what is analyzed is exactly what is occupied and that it has not undergone any alteration (STS 1072/2012, of 11-12).

And as for the effects generated by what is known as breaking the chain of custody, it is clear that it has an impact on the reliability and authenticity of the tests (STS 1029/2013, of 28-12). And it has also been warned that the rupture of the chain of custody can have an undoubted influence on the violation of the rights to a process with all the guarantees and the presumption of innocence, since it is essential to rule out the possibility that the lack of administrative control or jurisdictional on the pieces of conviction of the crime can generate a misunderstanding about what was really trafficked, its quantity, its purity or any other data that are decisive for the judgment of typicity.


The opposite could imply a more than visible breach of the principles that define the right to a fair process (SSTS 884/2012, 8-11, and 744/2013, 14-10).

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