London, drug money laundering solicitor lawyer


London, drug money laundering solicitor lawyer

Criminal jurisprudence considers that this crime is incurred when the administrator damages a person, company or institution, by dedicating the money that he administers to unsuitable or pre-established purposes.

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The administrator, with this behavior, intentionally violates his duty of fidelity with respect to administered. It must be borne in mind that this crime can take place without the need to prove that the money has been made available to the disloyal administrator. It suffices with the evidence that the disloyalty has caused an injury to the person or entity administered.

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Courts have appreciated this crime in managers who turn false invoices to their company; presidents of the community of owners who appropriate community funds; corporate administrators who make sales that they later do not declare to the owners; proxies that divert funds to their own accounts; responsible for finances that kept a percentage of the compensations paid to the company s commercials; real estate entrepreneurs who used the funds of a cooperative to cover debts with third parties; and builders who did not dedicate the amounts paid by the buyers to build the hired houses.

On the other hand, the courts have not considered that the crime of unfair administration was carried out in the case of entrepreneurs who go bankrupt and can not return the assets invested by those managed for reasons attributable to market dynamics; administrators who breach agreements with third parties other than those administered; and administrators who constitute pension funds for the directors, because they do not appropriate or distract social funds.

The unfair administration differs from the fraud in that the criminal action of fraudulent administration does not occur from an initial deception, but by the breach of an initial relationship of trust between administrator and administrator.

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