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The new Labour contract will also provide for the transfer supplementary agreement laying down the working hours to 40 hours per week rather than 37.5 hours.


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The adaptability of Articles 22 and following of the law 689/1981 requires that, before the courts of the place where the infringement has been accomplished, the offices of the Revenue recognized indirectly will directly take part in the trial, that is, use representation and protection of the State Advocacy (implementing the Consolidated ratified Rd 1611/1933 and the memorandum of understanding approved June 20, 2007).

The changes introduced by the so-called "Welfare Protocol" (Law of 24 December 2007. 247), but also the consequences of the decision of the Check n. 130 of 14 May 2008. It belongs to what is stated by the agency of Revenue Circular no. 56 / E of 24 September 2008, regarding "administrative fines for the employment of non-compliant - corrections legislative and normative interpretation of the Constitutional Court."


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The firm provide exercises in the area of personal rights and family, connecting various areas such as tax law and tax consulting, corporate, financial advisory and investment, equity, social security, real estate and administrative, financial assets and corporate the Trust and how to protect the assets, business, management, finance, corporate, ordinary and extraordinary management of processes with complex goals such as, rehabilitation and modernization of the company across the country and world.

At the law firm you are working with a belief: Customers in the conduct of their business and want the best of their assets, both at company, corporate and financial tax. Subject of great conflict and the question of the delivery of the children in case of separation, divorce or cohabitation of the parents.


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The skills in this area are absolutely critical, and therefore the combination of a civil lawyer = divorce attorney (or divorce lawyer) is not always right. The divorce attorneys also have a role of conductor, which will help you to recover in the best way by a fact that, if poorly supported, due to problems in resolving the problem.

In the case of separation of the spouses and the custody of minor children, the pure opposition between the spouses, and often results in separation processes, but in no way does not preclude the use of preferential queens of custody of the children shared in both parents.


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There are many marriage lawyers and find it is really difficult and, in fact, is often hampered by relatives and friends who advise family attorneys. A detachment from married life can be caused by a condition in unsustainable within the family, and therefore is primarily a remedy to a situation of psychological saturation.

Divorce lawyers have the function to advise in such a way as to act in the early stages of separation and divorce, helping and advising you if you ask, a professional who will follow the mental point of view. Purpose of great importance, however, is to understand right away that the separation is not a defeat or failure.


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For the resolution of the following issues the Law Firm offers reliability, timeliness and cost saving. Determination of child support for the children, determination of alimony for the spouse, revision of the conditions of separation and divorce, spouse identification for child custody, housing assignment turned into a marital home, identification of movable and immovable property in regime of community or separation.

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The Firm provides legal assistance in the following proceedings:

Procedures and judicial separation by mutual consent, divorce proceedings and judicial joint; processes for modifying the conditions of separation and divorce proceedings for the joint custody of the child; procedures for the approval of a maintenance for the minor children and the adult children who are not economically self-sufficient and rely allowance for the maintenance of biological children (born out of wedlock) after the "separation" of unmarried couples; actions disclaimer, disputes and claims of legitimacy of the subsidiary, judicial declaration of paternity and maternity, natural processes of decay and weakening of parental responsibility for children; procedures for the declaration of adoptability of the child; protection orders against family abuse.


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Law Firm finds the roots in a long tradition of professional family, rooted in London-Venice since the unification of Italy and oriented on the last generation mainly to insurance law and navigation both commercial and recreational, shipping and transport, port, customs law and international trade.

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In case you want to protect a right not complied with, or if you want to instead prevent dangerous incidents with effective contracts, at the Law Firm the customer finds all the attention necessary to resolve the difficulties.

Separations and divorces, crimes scope construction, financial, bankruptcy, environmental, military and accidents in work ... all areas of the law are followed by the lawyers at the law firm that give definite answer and a consultation with the objectives targeted, as well as the ability to protect the customer in the courts of Italy.


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Separation and divorce are difficult and confused times. For this reason we provide the best resources, legal expert and all information to guide you through this process. Our lawyers work across the country. We are a network of law firms operating throughout the country, offering the ability to separate or divorce cost much more affordable in contrast to those offered by the market.

This is achievable because of our long time working in the specific area of family law and our streamlined procedures so they are guaranteed to offer immediate and substantial savings to our customers, not to miss anything to our service.

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Contact us in case of detention or criminal or civil problems. The law firm in London, New York, La Vegas, Rome, Naples, Milan, Italy, Germany, Spain, France and has over 15 foreign branches, is directed towards criminal and international law, a format for criminal lawyers mainly deals with the defense of people accused of crimes penalties such as drug trafficking, financial and economic crimes, white-collar crimes, murder, violence, rape and any type of crime. Contact us now for effective criminal defense.

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